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  • The Qünell slope system is a joint development of Belarusian and Austrian specialists. Trademark of company combine Qualitätund Schnelle that from german is translate as efficiently and quickly! After all, the basis of the concept of the product laid on such criteria as high quality and speed of installation.
  • – At First, this figure symbolizes a house with a window. – Secondly, the form similars to the capital letter of the brand name Q-Qunel, plus the Association with the quality mark – Thirdly, the colors of family comfort, blue clear sky and green grass, i.e. peace and prosperity.
  • The stylistic highlight of the Qünell slope system lies in its individual appearance, in the unique design of the elements and in the whole structure.
  • The use of high-quality raw materials in the production allow to produce environmentally safe product.
  • Slope system Qünell shipps in the mouldings and ready-made kits. Mouldings – six-meter whips of the panel slope, of the casing and the starting profile. Ready kit-a set that includes all the elements of the system necessary for the installation of a single opening.
  • Qünell slope system can be laminated and painted in a wide range of colors according to the RAL catalog with paints for PVC products, according to the Renolit catalog, as well as decorated with any pattern by UV printing. A wide palette allows you to choose an identical shade to the window profile.
  • UV printing-application of any high-quality pattern on the casing. UV ink is one-component, there is no evaporating element, so they combine the properties of instantly solidify on a sealed surface and do not dry on the printer. After UV ink solidification there is no risk of “smearing” the print.
  • The Qünell slope system is designed so that its panel can be expand until there is a gap between the starting profile of The Qünell slope system and the window profile. And this is approximately a 35-degree deviation from the right angle.
  • According to the tests carried out in accredited laboratories, the service life is 30 years!
  • In terms of its thermal insulation properties, a Qünel slope system is almost as good as the” warm ” slopes (3%), but at the same time it have a number of advantages that a “warm” slope do not have, namely: – high decorative properties; – does not require the use of glue and sealant; – easy to install and maintain; – durable and safe.
  • The color of the slope system was selected under the market leaders of the window profile KBE and Rehau, Veka.
  • The higher purchase price compensats by the operating price, as it made of high-quality materials.
  • No! The junction of the casing is accomplish with the use of additional latches that can install every 30 cm ,If the wall is very crook ,then the latch is set for all irregularities of the wall.
  • Qünell installs easier and faster, and cleaner, because everything do one step (unlike plaster slopes and drywall), and compared with sandwich-panels, after 3-5 installations temporary differences completely disappear.
  • When using the same film on the slope and the window differences will be absent. Otherwise, the differences will be almost invisible. It should also be borne in mind that the film on the windowsill may also differ from the window.
  • The gap between the window sill and the slope panel is formed if the window sill is “humpback”. In this case, either the slope panel is cut along the line of interface with the window sill, or, worse, “liquid plastic”is used.
  • The casing cover and two angular frame on the perimeter of the window covering Assembly seam under the sill, creating a finished appearance.

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