QÜNELL is a decorative slope system for window and door openings, which has a number of advantages in comparison with common finishing options. QÜNELL is created as a complete frame of window and door openings and is used both outside and indoors in all types of buildings and structures. The cost of the slope system corresponds to the high quality of the product and advanced production technologies. QÜNELL – slopes that do not change. .


Slope panels are manufactured in sizes up to 600 mm. Standard panels of slopes with dimensions of 200, 250 and 300 mm have a lock on one side, and 400, 500 and 600 mm – locks on both sides, which allows, if necessary, to obtain a slope panel with a given width for any opening, as well as to minimize stock balances. The escarpment panel has a specially designed unique lock, which consists of 2 parts. The lower part – serves for the plant of the latch and fixing the slope system along the perimeter to the window and doorway. Lateral part – acts as a clamp of the casing along the perimeter of the slope.
The decorative platband 75 mm wide perfectly hides possible defects of walls in a zone of finishing and ennobles an aperture. It gives the entire system a flawless and complete look. The uniqueness of the system also lies in the fact that it is possible to install one single cage separately, using a proprietary fastener element – a latch. It is also possible to install the system without an angled cover. The vertical and horizontal platband in this case are simply slaughtered at an angle of 45 degrees.
The starting profile serves to “bind” the slope panel to the window or door profile (frame). The fastening is made by self-tapping screws or on a double-sided adhesive tape. A special feature of the QÜNELL system’s starting profile is the presence of a functional element in the form of a “beak”, which prevents the formation of gaps and gaps between the window (door) openings and the starting profiles. In this case, there is no need for the use of silicone and other sealing substances. In addition, a decorative and functional element stands out, which serves to fix the outer part of the panel and gives the starting profile an aesthetic look.
The latch is used for fixing the sloping system to the window and door aperture, fixing the casing to the wall around the perimeter of the aperture, as well as fixing the decorative element “corner lid”.
Cover angle – the system is an elegant item lid with hooks, which allows to connect the vertical and horizontal frames without the need of trimming at 45 degrees. This significantly reduces the installation time of the sloping system. It is a decorative element which places docking with frames has the same profile, which ensures perfect mutual adhesion and gives an aesthetic appearance.

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